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Oval Gear Flow Meter

CBRO OGF - 250M Oval gear Flow Meter the mechanical type positive diaplacement flow meter is used is a wide variety of applications including measuring of boiler fuel oil and diesel oil, as well as transactions of kerosene, light oil & heavy oil.

OGF - 250M return - zero oval gear flow meter adopts the zero - returnable counter added to the basic model. The counter contains two groups of digit wheels-one for zero returning and the other for accumulation to undertake the cumulate and batch counter respectively

OGF-250M-A cast Iron oval gear flow meter is widely applicable to metering various oils and fluids that effects no corrosion on cast iron.

OGF-250M-E cast steel oval gear flow meter is designed for metering a variety of high-pressure, lOW-CORROOSION FLUIDS.

  • Uniform rotator, small vibration, long working life.
  • Low sensitivity to variance of viscosity, suitable applied in be high viscosity liquid.
  • Simple instructions, small sizes, light weight,
  • Simple installation, no need to install straight pipe section before meter


  • Lubricatinng Oil
  • Epoxies
  • Fuels Storage Tank Flow Meter
  • Oil Counter
  • Tank Truck Flow Meter
  • High Accurycy, Wide Range
  • Mechanical Display
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Easy to Read
  • Output 4-20ma Profibus

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